Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stacker Asks GLANK

Stacker talks to GLANK creator, Paul Rudolph.
GLANK, is an "industrial junk funk" musical performance group that uses instruments made from recycled objects. "It's a cross between a techno dj and an automotive assembly line." Performers in mysterious white suits, banging on found instruments and interacting with the audience. (Paul also composed the original Scrap Kins theme song which accompanies our first animated short.)

STACKER: Hi Paul. Thanks for being our first guest. Let's get started. I've got to be back in Scrap City to take daily inventory. Why do you use recycled materials for your instruments?

PAUL: Because many of the materials would be thrown away and end up in land fills or the ocean for ever and ever.  Materials such as plastic water bottles work great as percussion shakers. I use other materials because they sound really cool:  things like discarded LP tanks (old balloon filling cannisters) and saw blades.

STACKER: Efficient and creative. What is the coolest thing you've ever made?

PAUL: I have two sets of tuned saw blades, each with 11 blades mounted on a resonator box.  These are two of my favorites not only because they sound great but they look really cool. And they have marching harnesses so you can be completely mobile while playing them.

STACKER: I like to be mobile with my clipboard. It helps when I'm counting. Very important question: Who is your favorite Scrap Kin and why?

PAUL: You are because of your affinity for multiplicity - multiple eyes / glasses - and you're organized. That's inspiring.

STACKER: Well. This interview is going great. I'll just mark down your answer here on my chart just so we have a record. Why is it important that people recycle?

PAUL: So that landfills don't fill up and we have to send trash to the Sun via giant garbage rockets.

STACKER: Excellent point. Garbage rockets would be a disaster. Allright. Itcher begged me to ask you this. Can't believe I'm agreeing to this one. Picture yourself rolling down a mountain of disgustlingly filthy tube socks. Are you:

A) scared
B) having the best time in your life
C) worried about foot fungus
D) Itcher is the greatest

PAUL: D!!!
STACKER: I don't think we really need to mark this one down. 
Paul, you've been great. Thanks for your time. We hope to book GLANK for Scrap City's next music festival.