Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parachutes Away!

One of my new ScrapKins project designs is a Parachute made from a towel tube, string, tape and a plastic bag. I had fun teaching this one to the Kindergartners at the Lefferts Garden Charter School. They we're thrilled to learn about Gravity this way.

What You'll Need:
- paper towel tube cut in half or a toilet paper tube
- plastic bag (shopping, produce, bread, etc.) smaller is better
- about 48" of string
- scissors
- single hole punch
- masking or packing tape
- makers/crayons
- glue (if you are adding feet)
- small piece of cereal box or thin cardboard (if you are adding feet)

Basic Steps:
1) Punch 2 holes in the top of your towel tube on opposite sides.
2) Decorate your "Monster Parachuter." Add feet if you like. (Made from cereal box piece.)
3) Flatten out your plastic bag with handles/opening facing down. Cut off the bottom 1/3 of bag so you are left with a "jelly-fish-looking" top.
4) Cut 2 pieces of String to about 21".
5) Pass end of string through 1 hole and up the middle of tube. Repeat with other piece. You should have 4 string ends. (You'll notice in the photo that I tied the string to the tube. I realized later that passing the string through the hole is easier than tying knots :)
6) Tape the 4 string ends to the inside of your plastic bag. Picture the bag top like an oval with 4 corners. Tape one end of string in each of the 4 corners to space out the string. Make sure you stick the tape down well so the string doesn't slip out.
7) That's it. Practice launching your parachute!