Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Year for Travel

Hello ScrapKins friends! 

We hope that you have had a great start to the new year and are keeping warm
out there! We have been working hard this month to really lock down our goals for 2013, and while
there are always many, many new ideas coming to the surface, we realized that the most exciting,
riveting, and just plain fun parts of 2012 were our time spent with kids and their mentors, whoever you
may be (parent, teacher, role model, all of the above). Just look at our Gallery for a taste of what
we’ve seen and who we’ve interacted with! In light of this reflection, we have decided to crank up the
engine and go full throttle ahead to hang out with you all at more events and festivals. We will continue
to be around the local area at places like Hip Tot Music Fest on February 10 and schools around
the New York area, but we will also broaden our range. Go to a film festival in California? Sure! A family-
oriented arts festival abroad? Bring it on! And it will only get bigger and better from there!
We will be continuing to teach young people how to turn their scraps and junk into beautiful, creative
art projects and toys with our 12 signature projects highlighted in the Build-It Book, and
just might introduce some new projects at the events as well – the creativity is only going to grow! Keep
in touch to see more updates from our 2013 adventures!

- The ScrapKins Gang

PS Do you want us to come to your school or event? We’d love to talk to you! Just click on that
Contact” tab on the top of the page, contact us through any of our social media or e-mail
mediums, and we will get back to you promptly!


  1. It is definitely a year of travel. 2013 is a perfect year to go to places we usually hear in history books. I'm rooting for Jerusalem. I am pretty much excited. I always wanted to go to the walled old city.

  2. Right! We are planning now for our summer vacation on a budgeted travel. We do have a list on where we should go and needs to decide what to choose.