Tuesday, September 3, 2013


How do you keep students engaged after they make an art project?  We don't call ScrapKins Recycled Art Projects "arts & crafts" because we're instructing kids how to engage with a project AFTER  they build it. It's not supposed to be a nice pretty picture you hang on the fridge. It can be but we feel the distinction is important. So you get the kids excited to make a recycled art project and they build it, what next? Get them to connect to what they made. See that green guy above? What's it's name? What does it eat? What's it's super-power? I want to know who he or she is! (You can look at our ScrapKins monster bios for inspiration. Is your monster friends with the ScrapKins? How woyld they spend the day together?)

Work together with students to create that custom story. Once you establish that foundation (and it works with anything you happen to build. For a car or boat it might be: Who drives the boat? What is the boats special power? Can it help change the world?) you can build the story and adventure. 

Now you can start to PLAY. Write a comic book as a class, have a race, make a play, create a show and tell. 
If you need any advice or suggestions, email me at brian@scrapkins.com

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