Thursday, August 8, 2013

Monster Evolution

Here's how the past can evolve if you let it. The original monster drawing I created when I was 6 years old, him becoming the ScrapKins character "Itcher" and the 3D costume today. If this isn't the truest physical manifestation of a dream, I'm not sure what is. Create an intention and the action will follow! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pink Birds

When we taught kids to transform milk cartons into birdfeeders at the Bronx Zoo we met many amazingly creative kids. This girl was one of my favorites. There are the kids (myself included at one stage) who try and copy the sample designs to get theirs to look just like mine, and get upset when it doesn't look perfect. But I have a special place in my heart for kids who creatively go their own 
path. Who just make it up because it makes them happy. She decided that her bird should be entirely pink. Not realistic, not multi-colored but head to toe pink. And she was pretty darn happy about it!!!!
So take her boldness, her willingness to go beyond the "rules" and her sheer joy and be inspired to find those "Pink Birds" in your life. What are you waiting for?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Start Small

I've been thinking a lot about the power of simplicity. When I design recycled art projects for ScrapKins I focus on using the least amount of materials possible both to challenge myself creatively and inspire kids and parents to use what they have to create play.

It doesn't take much. My favorite building material is still the cardboard tube. Simple but yet full of so much
potential. Try an experiment with your kids:

1. Get a cardboard tube, scissors, tape and markers. Don't buy anything.

2. Make something. Challenge each other to discover the possibilities of a simple tube. Is it a monster, a truck, a boat, a spaceship, a time machine?  Let them explore.

3. Ask yourself and your kids if you had fun. Did you connect? Did you let them find their own creativity?

Kids need the space and freedom to explore on their own. They don't always need instructions. They just need you to help when they ask for it.

Want to keep creating? Try our ScrapKins "Tube Monster" project.