Saturday, March 26, 2011

What do you make with your kids?

From across the Pond, Michael Smith from UK's Green Living Review reminds us of the power of play and kids thinking inside the box, outside the box and about the very box itself.

"How often do we see kids than, when they come across a cardboard box, for instance, that may have had a gift in for them even, that the box is being played with rather than the toy. If we allow them to get on with that they will put us to shame in the ideas department as to what to do with packaging materials, etc. and if they have a little guidance such as the “Scrapkins Build-It Book” they will even outperform any of us by way of ideas, I am sure."

Thanks to Michael for reviewing our book and getting to the very root of our creative mission. 
The question I pose to our audience is, what do you make with your kids? How can you inspire their creativity with materials you already have at home? We'd love you to share your ideas by commenting.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Roots of Creativity

ScrapKins in Pre-Production
That's me. Age 4. Right round the age I drew the characters that would eventually become The ScrapKins. (I still make that blank stare sometimes when someone disturbs my work.) I asked my mother to see if she could find some examples of my early creativity and she delivered. It's fun to stop and think where it all began, when it began to grow. Why monsters? To this day, I like anything with sharp teeth. But it's all for show. The sharper the teeth, the softer the real monster inside.