Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ScrapKins at NY Maker Faire: Sept 29th & 30th

ScrapKins "Recycled Racers" Exhibit debuts at NY Maker Faire: Sept 29th & 30th

We're super excited to be coming back for our 3rd Maker Faire! We absolutely love this event. Who doesn't like robots, crazy bicycles, costumes, building things, taking things apart, hacking & learning? Look for ScrapKins in the Young Maker's Pavilion. We have a brand new exhibit called "Recycled Racers"we'll be sharing for the first time. After lots of R&D and workshops at schools, we have the perfect car you can make using materials you already have at home. 
Turn an empty milk carton, a straw and cardboard into your own custom Recycled Racer! Cut it, build it, design it, race it. Think your car can jump over "Monster Canyon"? Come and try. You'll never look at recycling the same way again!